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*************************************************************************** * * * SCION EXTRAS * * * * The ARexx scripts and programs included with this distribution of * * ScionExtras are the work of Scion users. If you wish to discuss these * * scripts and programs or make suggestions, please CONTACT THE AUTHORS * * DIRECTLY. * * * *************************************************************************** Please note that ALL scripts and programs are supplied AS IS, and no guarantees are made. Note also that some of the scripts that involve a graphical user-interface may require the use of additional libraries (not supplied) and may be designed for PAL video screens only. Most of these ARexx scripts and programs will work with Version 4 of Scion, however some have been re-written to take advantage of the additional ARexx commands available only with Version 5. For conditions covering these scripts and programs, please refer to the supplied documentation or the ARexx scripts themselves. The following scripts and programs are included: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- DGen2HTML.rexx Version 2.06 (9 May 1998) This program produces a GENDEX file and creates HTML pages for your system. It is © Copyright 1996-1997 Terence Nichols and may be freely distributed as Shareware. It is not and never will be Public Domain. Persons who register by sending me (Terence Nichols) an Email message will be eligible to receive updates as and when available. Please read the Licence Agreement available online at - Author: Terence Nichols ( ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- FamilyTree Version 0.6 (1 June 1997) FamilyTree is an stand-alone add on to Scion Genealogist to print out graphical family trees. It is also able to display the same family tree graphic on the screen. If you plan to print out the family tree then you will require a graphics capable printer and printer driver. FamilyTree is Copyright ©1997 Timothy Fagan. Please refer to FamilyTree.Guide for further information. Author: Timothy Fagan ( NOTES: (1) Even though FamilyTree is a stand-alone program and NOT an ARexx program, it does interface with Scion via its ARexx port. (2) The graphics printout can take some time - please be patient. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ScionBrowser (Copyright © 1997 by Frank Schnell) Version 1.0 +---------------------------------------------------------------+ | If you intend to use this program, the author requires simple | | registration. See the accompanying documentation for details. | +---------------------------------------------------------------+ Provides a graphical representation of the family of a selected person giving the user the capability to browse through the complete database by virtue of double-clicks on persons. As a person gets double-clicked the whole family tree will be updated to show the family of this new person. Features: ScionBrowser has been written in an operating system friendly way requiring as few resources as possible. The programme itself is only ~30 kBytes in size (excluding the size of any shared libraries). Context insensitive help. Completely font sensitive (I hope). Requirements: Kickstart/Workbench 2.04 or higher Scion Genealogist 5.x or higher The bare minimum of required RAM is ~100 kB Chip RAM and ~150 kB "any" RAM to browse a 300 people database. (of course, ScionGenealogist must be running as well ;-) Performance: ScionBrowser is relatively fast. At least I cannot complain using an A1200 with a 68030/50MHz/8MB accelerator board. In order to reach a good performance ScionBrowser gets parts of the person and family data into its own memory. Basically these are the IRNs, FGRNs and the relationships. The drawback of this is, that it needs a little longer to start. With a 625 people, 260 Families database the startup time on my system is 9 seconds. But this pays off during context switches. They virtually take no time. Author: Frank Schnell, De Wilderstraat 17, B-3040 Neerijse, Belgium Email: NOTE: This is a separate "stand-alone" program, NOT an ARexx script, but it does communicate with Scion via its ARexx port. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scion2html.rexx Version: 29 Nov 1998 ARexx script to make html and amigaguide hypertexts from Scion Genealogist data bases. Also produces an ASCII text file from the database. Caution: -----> future upgrades may only support Scion V 5+ <----- ( I mention this because Scion V 5+ introduces a +/- 4000 ) ( date limit, therefore will not support Biblical, etc. dates ) PREREQUISITES: Scion V 4.07+ © Rob Akins ARexx (of course :) rexxsupport.library rexxarplib.library HTML/WWW browser (AMosaic, Mosaic, ... ) also: (to incorporate and display in-line pictures) GfxCon V1.7+ © Dirk Farin (must be in: Sys:Tools) Amiga OS 3.0+ for displaying picture datatypes TESTED: |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| on Amiga3000 Kickstart v.37.175 Workbench v.38.35 | assume | & Amiga3000 Kickstart v.40.68 Workbench v.40.42 | TradeMarks | w/ Scion Version 3.06 & Mosaic1.2NoNet | & | w/ Scion Version 3.13 & Mosaic1.3betaAmitcp | CopyRights | w/ Scion Version 4.07 & Mosaic2.0Prerelease | as | w/ Scion Version 5.07 & AWeb Version 3.1 | appropriate | HTML file compatibility tested on: AMosaic, Ibrowse_demo, |_____________| HotJava, NCSA Mosaic (Sun), Netscape (Sun), Netscape (Mac) BUGS: Scion2html.rexx only recognizes the first Scion ARexx port name: "SCIONGEN". If additional copies of Scion are running concurrently, they are ignored. If a new Thumbnail format is selected, the user must manually edit the Picture Album files to reflect the new Thumbnail suffixes. The Picture Album files may have been User modified (and must therefore be protected against auto-regeneration) Author: Harold H. Ipolyi, P.O.Box 891206, Houston, Tx 77289-1206, USA. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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