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SPECIAL NOTE This programme is supplied fully functional. It is NOT disabled or "crippled" IN ANY WAY. Scion Genealogist is a specialised database for keeping track of genealogical information. It features a full, easy to use, Intuition interface. Scion v5 is a MAJOR upgrade to earlier versions. The programme has been written in a totally secular manner, has no checking on sex (to allow for "unconventional" relationships), and has no name checking (to allow for adopted children). The printed reports include descendant and pedigree charts, personal details reports, family group sheets, index lists of people and families, and many others. See the "" help file for details on the new reports. Free-form note files can be created and viewed, IFF-ILBM pictures can be viewed, and IFF-8SVX sound files can be played - all from within the programme. Other features include dynamic on-screen ancestor and descendant charts, extensive on-line context-sensitive help, powerful searching and filtering, and multiple ARexx ports with an extensive command set (see "ScionRexx.Guide" for further information). Locale support for alternative languages. Can be used with PAL or NTSC and third-party graphics cards. Works with floppy and/or hard disk drives, although a hard disk drive is STRONGLY recommended. Database stored in RAM for maximum speed. Memory usage typically 50% less than earlier versions of Scion. Loads databases created with any earlier version of Scion or "ArJay Genealogist". Maximum number of people per database = limited only by available memory Maximum number of families per database = limited only by available memory Maximum number of marriages per person = 10 Maximum number of children per family group = 40 REQUIREMENTS ------------ A minimum of 1 Mbyte of RAM is required. 4 Mbytes of RAM is recommended. Scion will use any "virtual" memory allocated by virtual memory managers such as GigaMem (© Copyright 1991,1992 Christian A Schnedier, F Burgel, Relog AG) and VMM (© Copyright 1994 Martin Apel). Kickstart/Workbench v2.04 (or later) required. Version 2.10 (or later) required for locale support (alternative languages). Any preferences supported printer. NEW FEATURES INTRODUCED WITH SCION V5.08 ---------------------------------------- * Marriages of a person are now sorted by marriage/engagement order. * In selection lists with filtering, a new number gadget shows the number of people/families currently being displayed. * A small coloured indicator has been added beneath the sex gadget to reflect the currect sex. Makes the current sex a little more obvious. * Additional locale support for Italiano, Français and Polski (as well as the original Nederlands, Deutsch, Türkçe and Norsk and English). * Scion can now open its windows on the Workbench (or default public screen). * New Arexx GETISDEAD command. * Bug fixes - - The ARexx command GETTXTVIEWER was returning the PIX viewer. Fixed. - Sort orders could be wrong for foreign languages. Fixed. - Print-to-file file requesters were always displaying "Print to plain text file" even for RTF/HTML/etc files. Fixed. - If the right margin of printed reports was equal to the left margin, Scion could crash. Fixed. * Support added for 'special' Turkish, Czech and Russian character sets. * Some (mainly cosmetic) minor changes. NEW FEATURES INTRODUCED WITH SCION V5.07 ---------------------------------------- * New "Print to File" formats - Reports can now be saved to file in the following formats: - plain ASCII text - ANSI text - RTF (Rich Text Format) - HTML (HyperText Markup Language) - AmigaGuide * New "List of Relatives" report. * Locale support for Deutsch, Türkçe and Norsk (as well as the original Nederlands and English). * Bug fixes - - When querying a blood relationship, an 'Aunt' was being reported as a 'GrandAunt'. Fixed. - 'Sex' of people in printed reports was not being localised. Fixed. - With some non-English translations, the 'Ctrl' key modifier in the Function Key requester could overlap the gadget. Fixed. - A few OS 3.1+ Amigas would not recognize changes to the Workbench printer preferences while Scion was running. Fixed. - If the Scion screen was 'promoted' to have more than 8 colours, the "Custom" palette requester would not appear. Fixed. - Because the Turkish language uses a "non-standard" character set, the "quick help" in the bottom line of the windows was displaying incorrect characters when a Turkish locale was used. Fixed. - With OS3+, the menus of "multi-selection" requesters would not have displayed properly (never reported!). Fixed. - Not a bug - I simply forgot! Last name 'pick lists' are now saved with the database and restored on loading. * Some (mainly cosmetic) minor changes NEW FEATURES INTRODUCED WITH SCION V5.06 ---------------------------------------- * A total re-design virtually from the ground up. But still backward compatible with all earlier versions of Scion. Just load your old database. * Completely new appearance with fully font-adaptive display. * Much more memory efficient (typically 50% less than earlier versions). * Number of people/families now only limited by available memory. * Many more ARexx commands. * Up to 40 user-defined function keys. * Improved date handling. * New and revised printouts. * Very powerful searching and filtering. * Asynchronous on-line help - The on-line "Amigaguide" help is now asynchronous. This means that you can continue using Scion while the help file is still being displayed. * Attachments - Notes, pictures or sound-files can now be "attached" to any person or family group. Note attachments can be (optionally) printed with "Personal Summary" or "Family Group Sheet" reports. * Relationship determination - There is a new menu option that lets you query the blood relationship between any two people. * In-built image viewer, text viewer and sound file player. DISTRIBUTION ------------ FREEWARE, although any donation gratefully received :-) Scion Genealogist © Copyright 1993-1999 Robbie J Akins, NEW ZEALAND.
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