short : Star Trek Database v1.7 (Main Exec) author : Leigh Parry ( uploader : lparry ukonline co uk (Leigh Parry) type : biz/dbase version : v1.7 requires : WB 3.x, 2MB RAM, AGA/Graphics Card architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 55.39K Date : 31-Oct-99 Download : 💾
STDB v1.7 - Full version This program was designed to display my Star Trek Data Base but it can be used for your own files if you wish to write them in the format which the STDB prog can understand. Written with Blitz Basic 2. Full source can be given if wanted. This version has default settings in Icon file, if you wish to change the screen resolution just delete either of the relevant tooltypes. Now has ability to change the colours for text and links. (press 'p' in program') Requires -------- JPEG Datatype installed. Features -------- Selectable screenmode depth (must be 640*512) Pictures (through Datatypes) - JPEG for included pics. Samples. (through Datatypes) Entry linking buttons. Search mode. Full Index Now able to change colours of normal text and links Future ------ Update text files, and included pictures History ------- v1.7 ---- * Added Palette requester to allow changing of the Link and Text colours more easily. Also has ability to save those colours to the tooltypes. * Fix bug from previous version. (which wasn't released) * Changed colours in 'STDB/dat/screen' file to allow palette requester to appear better. v1.6 (Not Released) ---- * Added the palette req. but had a few errors. v1.5 ---- * Added option of tooltypes TEXT=###,###,### and LINK=###,###,### to allow user to change colours of the text used for normal text an links. ### can be hex or decimal (MUST be 3 digits - 30 should be 030) v1.4 ---- * Changed tooltype code, so screenmode is stored in ttypes, rather than comment field * Also allow different depths of screen rather than set 8 * Added tooltype for CYCLE. * Changed sound loader, now uses datatypes. v1.3 ---- Changed Datatype code, so now Jpeg's can be used. (this cuts the picture sizes by 50% - 70%) Typical. I tried for ages to get a jpeg remap (selected colours) working, but couldn't, so I uploaded the RGFX picture version. Next day - got it working. Typical. v1.2 ---- First public release. v0 - v1.1 --------- Private versions, with bugs and unfinished parts. See Guide file for more info.
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