short : An advanced Dbase, see readme for feats. author : (Fini 'Warp' Alring) uploader : fini alring netmedia dk type : biz/dbase version : 5.57 replaces : biz/dbase/PM554.lha requires : AmigaOs 2.04+, Reqtools.library & RexxReqtools.library. architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 51.25K Date : 14-Apr-97 Download : 馃捑
GiGA Productions Presents Phonemaster v5.57 Created by: Fini 'Warp' Alring Second AmiNet release: 13 Apr. 1997 Requires: AmigaOs 2.04+, Reqtools.library & RexxReqtools.library. Long live the Amiga Supercomputer!!! Over 1 year of internal development!!! What's new?: v5.57 - FIXED A bug when aborting a file-req. REPLA Fini.jpeg with Fini.png. - I hated the JPEG one! ;-D FIXED PM5 no longer dead-locks if #E tag is missing, in a file. ADDED Encrypted messages. Only numeric password's (1000-888888888). Do @{B}not@{UB} use this encryption, for @{B}TOP SECRET@{UB} material. It is possible to write a decrypter, but it will be hard! Please send one, if you find/make one! ;-D Note: It is the first version of the Crypter, so be cautious!!! v5.56 - SHORT Enhanced the Birthday Alert, Changed the Info part. IMPRO Can now look backwards, and see if someone just had birthday. ADDED You can set the number of days to check back/forwards in time. IMPRO The info part has been changed, for better usage. v5.55 - ADDED If Multiview wasn't found, PM5 will look for Amigaguide (OS 2.xx). Features: (No special order!) 路Phonemaster features a complete multitasking/threading requester driven GUI-system, using Arexx and Rexx/Reqtools.library The current @{" Phone-file format " link "Phoneformat"} supports: 路Names. 路Address string. 路Home and Mobile phonenumbers. 路E-mail Address. 路CPR-number (Format: DDMMYY) 路Unlimited comments. (Ain't no novel gonna be written here!!! :路) 路Encrypted comments. (Use PGP for Top secret material!) 路Each Entry is stored in it's own phone-file (ASCII), this makes it easy to copy a set of phone-files from a friend, to one's own AMIGA. 路Phonemaster uses an open ASCII-file-format, which is very easy to learn, and use in other programs, such as your own, or arexx-script's for other programs. 路Can Create, Edit and Kill (Delete) Phone-files... 路Can be set to use any bitmap AMIGA-OS font. 路Can generate a Phonelist for Printing, Saving or just Viewing. 路Features An On-line help-service at any time! 路Comes with Dopus v5.xx Filetype. 路Can be used entirely by keyboard shortcuts! 路Interpretes CPR-numbers such as 231277 to: '23 December 1977 (Age: XX)' 路Birthday alert, tells you up to 30 days before and after. 路Uses internal multithreading for multiple windows/sessions etc. 路Give's you info about the current date, week and time. 路And much more...! :-)
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