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Program Description ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A quick database program which I wrote for my disk magazine, Extreme AMOS. All source code is available from issue 3. The program staores the names, addresses and telephone numbers (and mail and fax no's) of all entrants within it, and saves them to disk. This is only a basic version, and will only search for entrants via name. In order to run, you will need at least Kickstart 1.3 and approximately 500K of RAM in order to run it. A HD is preferred, as many files are saved to an assign for ease of use. This program incorporates the use of the multi-assign drive featured in all my database programs. Update ~~~~~~ An update is available soon, which stores much more information, and allows you to search through entrants for other than just their names. I have also incorporated a picture-ID system which will also allow you to display any photo's you may have of the client. For more information, why not give me a quick mail on and I will be happy to send you information on the updates, and other programs I have written. AMOS ~~~~ Are you interested in writing an article for an AMOS disk magazine called "Extreme AMOS"? If you are, then why not send it to me at and I will be happy to include it. About Extreme AMOS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Extreme AMOS is a disk-based magazine, written by me, Andrew "Mushroom" Kellett. Each issue comes spread out on 2 disks, with issues sometimes being released on 3 disks, when lot's of articles or programs have been submitted. Each issue costs 2 pounds, no matter how many disks it is packed onto, and is released bi-monthly. There is also a HD version available from issue 3 upwards, so anyone with a HD can use it safetly. People with Internet access can get it free of charge from there local provider, or from my webpage as soon as it is set up. At the moment, the fourth edition is currently being constructed, with the previous 3 all being released as shareware. Issues 1 and 2 were released when I was working with a co-editor named Carl Drinkwater, who was later sacked from the EA team for lack of correspondence towards the magazine, both in contributions, and suggestions. Issue 3 was released in April 1996, and showed more response than the previous 2 issues put together. It was completely written, designed and programmed by myself, with compaction help from Paul Burkey, and contains a full GUI interface system, with graphics amongst the articles, as well as full-colour texts, unlike the first 2 issues. Within a day of it getting released onto the internet, I was getting E-Mails from different countries, including Belgium and Hungary. Issue 4 already contains a new reader system, which allows the articles access to over 13 different IFF fonts, so articles and adverts can have interesting and attractive headers, instead of using the same boring old text style. Issue 4 should be ready to buy around the end of September 1996, priced at 2 pounds. Issue 4 will not be released as shareware at the time of writing this document. Extreme AMOS Issue 3 is the biggest release of EA to date. Altogether, it contained over 300K of text files to read (all sizes when unpacked), and more than 200K of squidged pictures to look at. It was also the first issue to combine graphics and text together, to provide game reviews with IFF screenshots for example. Previous issues never had coloured text, which could be controlled via control codes, unlike issue 3. The issues are packed full of AMOS and non-AMOS programming routines and source code for you to use and read straight away. There is even a Hard Disk version of disk 1, so you can unpack all the articles without having to wait for them to load slowly via floppy, and then wait for them to unpack again. Extreme AMOS now also has a fantasy football league, run by a chap named Mark Prestwich. In all 3 previous issues, the FF system has been messed around with, and so I have found someone to hopefully do the job properly. Getting involved with EA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Extreme AMOS is always looking for people to contribute articles and source code. If your Articles/Source is used, then the issue that it appears in is sent to you free of charge. Articles may not appear in the next issue they are sent for, but maybe an issue afterwards. Articles can be typed out directly, with the text colours inserted in brackets where you want them to go, or if you are familiar with the character control codes I use, then you can place them in. Alternatively, I can colour any text for you. Issue 3 contains several converter programs, as well as a text reader program to view your own articles in. Any source code sent in to the magazine, will automatically be placed into the library as shareware. Any source code used on the coverdisks will also be treated as Shareware. Your name will also be mentioned in the credits of the magazine. I am also looking for Games and utilities to place on the coverdisks. Demo versions of games are also welcome, including demos of any powerfull AMOS utilities. Send them to me at the address below, where they will all be evaluated equally. Remember to include all documentation, libraries, and other bits needed by the program, as I won't use it if even I can't get it to work! Each of the shareware issues is available from Mushroom PD, priced at £1.20, or £1.95 if you live overseas. If you are going to supply your own disks, make sure that they are formatted and checked for errors, otherwise the program won't copy onto them properly. Each issue will cost 80p if you supply disks, or £1.55 if you live overseas. The reason I charge extras for overseas packages, is it costs over a pound more to send them, as the postage rates are ridiculous nowadays. All cheques should be made payable to Andrew Kellett, and mailed to me at this address : Andrew "Mushroom" Kellett Mushroom PD 32 Castleton Crescent Gamesley Glossop Derbyshire SK13 9TH ENGLAND E-Mail: All previous EA issues will be uploaded to /amiga/dev/amos tonight, along with the HD versions (HD at end of archive name). All letters and parcels received will be replied to as soon as possible. Any e-mails I receive will be replied to probably on the same night that I upload them. Thank-you for taking the time to read this document. [Andrew "Mushroom" Kellett] (EOF)
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