short : V2.12 of the video database author : Holger Papajewski & Joerg Stumpf uploader : papa ami boerde de type : biz/dbase architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 209.88K Date : 28-Jun-96 Download : 💾
PSVideo is a program to manage your private video collection. You can store a lot of information for any title. With powerful functions PSVideo helps you to make good use of your tapes. Special Possibilities: ---------------------- - The title, tape and class lists are situated on one screen so you can find a certain title, tape or class very quickly. - You can define 10 additional inputs to the built-in title inputs. - You can write larger descriptions for a title with the built-in editor. - PSVideo helps you to search for a tape to record a title on it. - PSVideo can find many titles at once by using the large search function. - While typing the first letters of a title in the main window, PSVideo can search for it. - Configurable print-out layout. - When using a higher screen resolution an additional button bar will be provided, making PSVideo more comfortable to operate. - The function keys can been configured with common program functions. - Configurable screen resolution and fonts. - Online help is available. - PSVideo is localized (also under OS2.0). At this time there are catalogs in German and English available.
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