short : "plain query language", a kind of SQL subset author : (Bjoern Lemke), port by uploader uploader : haubi geocities com (Stefan Haubenthal) type : biz/dbase version : 0.8 rel. 2 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 154.50K Date : 18-Apr-00 Download : 💾
ANNOUNCEMENT PQL-0.8 ==================== by Bjoern Lemke, 1995 PQL is a relational, transaction oriented database tool, that is free available in source. PQL stands for "plain query language" and is a kind of SQL (rather a subset) Nearly all features of SQL are supported, like joins, subqueries and grouping. The join operation has been optimized using a iterative "search and join" algorithm which runs over all joined base tables. In addition to the PQL-Interpreter, a relational database engine interface is shipped within the package. The shipped engine is based on the lower level GDBM interface, a freely available database library. For the command line editing of the interpreter, the GNU readline library is another requirement for building PQL. Furthermore, PQL requires the standard Unix tools lex/yacc. (AT&T lex or flex are supported at the moment) PQL has reached an early phase of release 0.8. There are still many things to to, a lot of bugs must be eliminated and some useful features should be added. But, since the first public version of 0.7prebeta, many, many things have been changed, added and improved: - lots of bugs have been fixed - the condition evaluation should work correctly now (or-conditons have not been evaluated correctly) - transactions can be aborted explicitly now - some fundamental type casts are supported now (long -> float) - all available tables can be listed using the 'list'-command - sorting and the distinct operator is implemented now - a PQL test script has been added to the package - interactive/stdin mode is detected automatically - some missing predicate features have been added - count operator has been improved and extended The complete PQL package is free available at Please flame bugs and advices regarding PQL to Bjoern Lemke, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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