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******************************* * Origins II Demo V2.00 * * ©1994 by The Puzzle Factory * * All Rights Reserved * ******************************* What is Origins II? =================== Origins II is a dedicated data base manipulation program for keeping track of genealogical information. The number of records is limited in practice only by available memory and storage. You may track attributes of people, such as where and when they were born, died and were buried, marriages, and parent/ child relationships. Extra details, such as baptism, confirmation, and immigration dates, occupation, etc., for all of the persons are also allowed for. Origins is capable of maintaining files on approximately 2000 persons and 500 marriages on a single floppy data disk. Larger data bases can be constructed on a hard-disk based system. Origins II will run on any Amiga with a minimum of 1 MB of ram, under V2.0 or later of the OS. A printer is really necessary too, as you will undoubtedly want listings. If printing Pedigree Charts is desired, the printer must also support condensed (136 column) printing. Origins II is not intended to be used for religious purposes, and does not conform to standards for LDS submissions. The Ordinance file does not provide for christenings, sealings, priesthood status, or other required information. Please do not use Origins II for this purpose. Legal Stuff =========== This program is NOT Shareware or Public Domain. It is Copyright ©1994 by The Puzzle Factory, Inc. This version of Origins II is freely redistributable provided the following rules are followed: 1. Only reasonable media costs may be charged. Permission is explicitly given for inclusion into any of the collections published by Fred Fish. 2. The program and documentation may not be modified in any way. 3. The entire distribution, as described below, must be distributed in its original, unaltered form. The Puzzle Factory, Inc. will be in no way liable for damages, incidental, or consequential, arising from the use or misuse of the Origins II Demo or for any other claim by any other party. Use this program at your own risk. Origins and Origins II are trademarks of The Puzzle Factory, Inc. Amiga and AmigaDOS are trademarks of Commodore-Amiga, Inc. Differences between the Commercial and the Demo Versions ======================================================== This is the DEMO version of Origins II. Some functions are either disabled or missing from this version of the program. This list points out the major differences between the commercial and the demo versions: 1. In the commercial version, the number of records are basically limited only by available storage. In the demo version, the user is limited to 100 person records, 100 ordinance records, and 50 marriage records. 2. In the commercial version, if Banner.ilbm is missing, we just don't show the banner. In the demo version, if DemoBanner.ilbm is missing, we complain and exit. 3. In the commercial version, if genfile, persfile, ordfile, or marrfile is missing, they are created. In the demo version, we complain and exit. 4. In the commercial version, program files may be referenced relative to the starting directory, or by the use of logical assignments. In the demo version, program files are only referenced relative to the starting directory. 5. In the demo version, the About requester is shown as you enter the program. In the commercial version, it is shown only if requested. 6. In the commercial version, the user can increase the size of the persfile, ordfile, and marrfile. In the demo version, when calling these functions, a requester stating that these functions do not exist is displayed instead. 7. In the commercial version, if the data bases are full, the user may be automatically asked if they would like to increase the size of the data bases. Because the AutoSiz flag in User Preferences is disabled in the demo, the user will just be informed that the data bases are full. 8. In the demo version, the ARexx function, GENAPPENDRECORDS(), has the active code removed, and if there are no other errors, always returns that it added zero records. Additionally, several utilities are provided with Origins II, and are not included in the demo version. Two of these deal with GEDCOM files. ToGED is used for creating GEDCOM files from a data base, and FromGED is used for reading GEDCOM files and creating a data base. GEDCOM stands for GEnealogical Data COMmunication, and was developed by the Family History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. GEDCOM is a standardized method of representing genealogical data, designed to allow transfer of information between diverse computer systems. Without it, a person might be forced to re-enter a large data base by hand merely to move their family tree from one genealogy program to another. Together, ToGED and FromGED allow you to import and export genealogical data to and from Origins. The commercial version also includes utilities that help verify that the contents of your data base is reasonably coherent. This can be a big help with some types of data entry errors. How do I order the Commercial Version? ====================================== If you find this program useful, contact: The Puzzle Factory P.O. Box 986 Veneta, OR 97487 800:828-9952 for orders only 503:935-3709 for questions & customer support In Europe, contact: Helios Software 163 Huthwaite Road Sutton-in-Ashfield Nottinghamshire NG17 2HB UK +(623) 554828 =eof=
PERMSSN UID GID SIZE RATIO STAMP NAME ---------- ----------- ------- ------ ------------ -------------------- [generic] 628 43.3% Jun 2 1994 [generic] 628 43.0% Jun 2 1994 Origins_Demo/ [generic] 30142 21.4% Sep 3 1992 Origins_Demo/ARexx/ARexxFuncs.doc [generic] 521 63.5% May 6 1994 Origins_Demo/ARexx/ [generic] 2324 40.3% Jul 25 1993 Origins_Demo/ARexx/EditGen.rexx [generic] 2231 38.1% Oct 13 1992 Origins_Demo/ARexx/No_Rexx.rexx [generic] 2384 39.0% Apr 13 1993 Origins_Demo/ARexx/TT_Gen.rexx [generic] 2218 35.9% Jul 25 1993 Origins_Demo/ARexx/UE_Gen.rexx [generic] 21638 34.5% May 24 1994 Origins_Demo/Catalogs/deutsch/origins.catalog [generic] 22 100.0% May 25 1994 Origins_Demo/Data/genfile [generic] 7800 1.6% May 6 1994 Origins_Demo/Data/marrfile [generic] 23200 1.1% May 6 1994 Origins_Demo/Data/ordfile [generic] 35200 1.2% May 6 1994 Origins_Demo/Data/persfile [generic] 529 53.3% May 6 1994 Origins_Demo/ [generic] 110064 46.1% May 6 1994 Origins_Demo/Origins_Demo [generic] 1718 24.9% Jun 2 1994 Origins_Demo/ [generic] 9199 39.1% Jun 2 1994 Origins_Demo/ReadMe_Demo [generic] 485 42.5% Jun 2 1994 Origins_Demo/ [generic] 628 43.0% Jun 2 1994 Origins_Demo/ [generic] 2366 49.2% Mar 9 1994 Origins_Demo/SetLanguage/deutsch/SetLanguage.doc [generic] 1852 69.5% Jan 28 1994 Origins_Demo/SetLanguage/SetLanguage [generic] 2177 44.1% Mar 9 1994 Origins_Demo/SetLanguage/SetLanguage.doc [generic] 521 64.3% May 6 1994 Origins_Demo/SetLanguage/ [generic] 798 37.1% Jan 25 1994 Origins_Demo/SetLanguage/ [generic] 14188 41.2% May 6 1994 Origins_Demo/Stuff/DemoBanner.ilbm [generic] 768 77.5% May 6 1994 Origins_Demo/Stuff/DemoBanner.module [generic] 80650 33.4% May 25 1994 Origins_Demo/Stuff/deutsch/Origins_Demo.doc [generic] 2792 71.7% Jan 28 1994 Origins_Demo/Stuff/Help.module [generic] 1388 74.1% Jan 28 1994 Origins_Demo/Stuff/ILBM.module [generic] 75268 32.9% May 25 1994 Origins_Demo/Stuff/Origins_Demo.doc [generic] 1402 54.3% May 25 1994 Origins_Demo/Stuff/TafelHeader.txt [generic] 13857 32.3% May 6 1994 Origins_Demo/Tutorial.doc [generic] 521 63.1% Jun 2 1994 Origins_Demo/ [generic] 271 67.5% Jun 1 1994 ReadMe_First [generic] 521 62.6% Jun 1 1994 ---------- ----------- ------- ------ ------------ -------------------- Total 35 files 450899 32.4% Jun 9 1994
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