short : Great address book manager with lots of features author : Stefan Blixth ( uploader : Stefan Blixth (develin vegasys com) type : biz/dbase version : 2.1 replaces : biz/dbase/OnyxBase.lha requires : OS 2.x or newer, asl.library, tabs.gadget (included) architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 109.98K Date : 24-Mar-00 Download : 馃捑
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- OnyxBase is a fast and easy-to-use address book. It's very easy to add, delete or change entries. The limit of entries this program can handle is based on how much memory you have (dynamic allocation). So don't you worry about any static limits ;-) Some features in OnyxBase : - Simple GUI, for easy usage for everyone (I hope) ;-) - Shortcuts on all visual buttons. - Full localization - Import/Export files from YAM 2.x, MegaBook 4.x and OnyxBase 1.x - Sort posts in database - Appending saved base-files after the last entry in the database - DTMF tone sender for dialing phone-numbers - Send emails (if a email-program is started...) - Check homepages (URL). - Copy & Paste feature using the clipboard Check out our homepage for more information and program updates at : Email : or ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- New stuff in this version : =========================== 2.1 - (2000-03-08) 路 Added printing option. (Could be better though, working on it...) 路 Fixed a long standing problem with handling WB-arguments. 路 Changed the Preferences-GUI a little, now using tabs (it was to huge). 路 Removed all Enforcer hits I could find ;-) 路 OpenURL.library can now be utilized (starts the browser for you). 路 Fixed a problem when the default-tool should have been added to the saved icon (It worked from CLI but not in WB mode). 路 Updated the current locale files for version 2.1 路 Added 2 new languages thanks to Boleslav Kristen (Czech) and Jesper Dam Andersen (Danish). 路 The MB-exporter should now export version 4.00 and not 4.10 when there is no country fields in the database. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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