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******************************************************************************* ********************************** NFL Stats ********************************** ******************************************************************************* **************** An NFL Statistics Keeper and Predictor Program *************** ******************************************************************************* ****************************** By Peter J Binkley ***************************** ******************************************************************************* Version 2.3 ----------- Revision Date: September 19, 1995 I. Overview II. Operation III. How to Register IV. Upcoming Plans V. Legal Stuff I. Overview NFL Stats -- An NFL Statistics Keeper and Predictor Program -- is the cumbersome title for a rather simple program. NFL Stats will allow the user to enter the scores for any particular week in the NFL and then allow him to display these statistics in different ways. It also allows him to predict (to some degree of accuracy) the scores for the following weeks. It supports printer operation for all above functions as well. II. Operation Once the title screen has cleared, you will be prompted for the name of a league. To start a new league, enter any name you wish to use. Due to the expansion of the 1995 season, old league stats (from the 1994 season) won't work with Version 2.3. It will therefore be necessary to select option number 1) Create New League, when using NFL Stats for the first time. Otherwise, to load a league previously created with NFL Stats Version 2.3, select option number 2) Load Old League. NOTE: (All league files should be kept in the same directory as the program "NFLStats" itself.) IMPORTANT: The file AMOS.Library HAS to be in your libs: directory for NFL Stats to work. The library is provided. In addition, NFLSounds2.Abk has to be in the same directory as the main program. After loading a league, you will be asked if you want to save output to a file or to send it to the printer. Selecting "File" will create an ASCII file in which all output (predictions, standings, etc.) will be kept. Selecting "Printer" will allow you the choice of printing output from within the program. You will then be presented with a menu with the following options: 1) Reset League Stats 2) Edit Statistics by Week 3) Predict Game 4) Display League Standings 5) Display Offensive and Defensive Proficiency 6) Display Rankings Graphs 7) Edit Specific Team 8) Change Output Mode 9) Quit 1) Reset League Stats -- this will erase all data for the league name you entered and set up a new league with no statistics. 2) Edit Statistics by Week -- this will allow you to enter new data for your league. The program will prompt you for each of the 30 teams for wins or losses and the points for and points against. Note you can avoid entering a win or loss for a particular team by typing "0" for wins or losses. (Useful for bye weeks.) 3) Predict Game -- this option allows you to enter a visiting team and a home team and find out which team will win. Due to the difficulty of finding complete stats for a team for any particular week, I decided to limit the necessary input to simply the number of wins, losses, and points for or points against. This means you need only a minimum of effort for upkeep of your statistics (you need only know the scores for any particular week to keep up with this program), but it also means you won't get the most accurate predictions available. However, in reviewing the 1992 season, I have found that this program can predict to about 80% accuracy. In addition, this option will let you print the results of the prediction. To use this option, make sure the printer is attached and on line before you try it. 4) Display League Standings -- this option will print to screen or printer (or to the ASCII file) the current standings based on win-loss record. 5) Display Offensive and Defensive Proficiency -- this will display the best and worst teams for both offense and defense for either the NFC or the AFC. The program will rank the teams and display the number of points gained or points allowed. This feature also has an option to print to printer or file. 6) Display Rankings Graphs -- (New Feature, Version 2.0) This is just a graphic representation of how each team is doing as compared to other teams in their division or conference. 7) Edit Specific Team -- (New Feature, Version 1.2) This feature allows you to edit a team's stats without using the week-by-week editor. Just choose the team you want to edit and you will be prompted for wins, losses, points for and against. Remember that the new stats will REPLACE the old stats, rather than just add to them. 8) Change Output Mode -- (New Feature, Version 2.0) This will allow you to change the output mode set in the beginning of the program (if you change your mind and would rather print to the printer or to a file). 9) Quit -- pretty obvious. NOTE: Left-Amiga+"A" sends NFLStats2.3 screen to the back and brings it back again. Ctrl-"C" will allow emergency exit. Also, stats created with version 1.2 will not work with version 2.3. Sorry for this inconvenience! NOTE: Changes for version 2.0 -- now NFL Stats features (almost) full mouse support -- clicking on an option with a background of yellow or blue will be the same as typing the number for that option. Also added are various cosmetic changes such as team colors. Future versions (if adequate support is shown for this version) should include a file requester and other changes (I'd like to make it completely mouse driven). III. How to Register -- This program is Shareware. To register your copy of NFL Stats, send $7 U.S. to: Peter J Binkley 343 W. 1000 S. Columbia City, IN U.S.A. 46725 What you get in return: Once you've registered, you will be eligible for updates and complete 1995 season statistics. Updates will be announced through an Internet mailing list for registered users (so if you register and have Internet access, send your Internet address to recieve information on updates). In addition, I will distribute updates in uuencoded (ASCII) form for those who request it through Internet. To contact me through the Internet, send e-mail to "". (NOTE: This address may only be temporary. If for some reason you get your mail bounced back to you, you'll have to reach me through snail mail. Sorry!) If you don't have Internet access but wish to recieve updates, send a disk in a padded mailer WITH SUFFICIENT RETURN POSTAGE and I will return the disk with the new version on it. IV. Upcoming Plans (and changes from Version 2.0) -- It looks like the Rams will be playing in Saint Louis after all. Version 2.1 reflects this situation. In the future, I would like to include a file requester and FULL mouse support for all options. Assuming I have access to the Internet in the future, I will try to upload it to Aminet, and it can be found there. Until then, enjoy Version 2.3!! NOTE: Version 2.3 is just a bug fix and a little minor tweaking. V. Legal Stuff and Thanks -- This program is shareware. It may be freely distributed so long as no profit is made. This program may be included on disk collections so long as only the cost of the media is charged. If you like this program, and want to see more like it, please distribute this program on electronic bulletin boards and networks. This is the best way to make sure new quality public domain and shareware programs are created and are available to you and me. NOTE: I give Urban Mueller and/or the keepers of the Aminet collection of CDs the right to put this program on upcoming CDs. I also give Fred Fish and/or the keepers of the Fred Fish collections (including CDs) the right to publish this program there. In my opinion, both these people deserve a good deal of credit for keeping the Amiga afloat during these troubled times.
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