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What the hell is MusicManIII? MusicManIII is a very powerful program that helps you to manage your CDs, MCs etc. If you have lots of them, you'll soon won't miss MusicManIII anymore. MusicManIII has lots of features like: - find and select records with patterns in many fields (e.g. artist, title, song, song's length ...) - list all records on screen (to get an overview) or on printer (to give it to your friends) - possibility to manage so-called sub-records which you can use to store e.g. Double-CDs in one record (to keep all CDs together) - almost unlimited number of sub-records and songs per record/sub-record - CreateMC-feature that let's you select songs from any record that you want to record to a new MC. - Powerfull Print-feature that let's you print e.g. MC-covers - xpk-Backup- and Restore-Functions - Powerfull ARexx-Port where you can almost any function from outside MusicManIII - LentTo-Feature: always keeps track on whom you've lent a record. - CD-player - Cover-pictures - Powerfull GUI (Screen, Font and Palette adjustable) - and many more Author: ======= Andreas Mair Karlsbader Str. 21a D-86529 Schrobenhausen Germany Tel.: +49-08252-820302 eMail: WWW:
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