short : Very Late Update for MegaBook v3.2 author : uploader : fosters dvalley demon co uk type : biz/dbase version : 3.3 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 69.15K Date : 26-May-98 Download : 💾
This is a binary update for MegaBook v3.2 to v3.3 This is a previously unreleased (written in 96) version of MegaBook. I found this lieing around the harddrive, after stopping development on it 2 years ago you can imagine my surprise. I dont remember what the changes are, but there are quite a few. Old prefs files *should* be compatible, I changed the prefs format slightly to allow for snapshotting of windows (if it did it in v3.2 then I just added the iconify window). If anyone has any comments please feel free to contact me. Who knows, if enough people show interest I might restart it. I still have all the original source so its a definate possibility. 68000 and 68020 binaries are included. To install them simply copy them over your v3.2 binaries. You can probably update older v3 megabooks this way too, but pre-v3 WONT be able to be updated this way, you'll need to get the MegaBook32.lha from biz/dbase if you want this one. Tom.
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