short : Extras (incl. DevKit) for KingFisher2.26 author : Udo Schuermann uploader : Udo Schuermann type : biz/dbase version : 2.26 requires : biz/dbase/KingFisher226.lha architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 216.37K Date : 21-May-97 Download : 💾
This archive contains various extras for KingFisher 2.26. In particular, you will find here... - The KingFisher 2 developer kit, enabling you to directly access the KingFisher database server, - ARexx example scripts to get you started exploring RexxFisher, which provides an ARexx interface to the KingFisher database server. RexxFisher enables you to retrieve data from KingFisher databases (and more) using ARexx scripts, - A variety of examples to use as custom display/print/export formats, if the standard data layout doesn't satisfy your needs, - Some example gadget images that KingFisher (the GUI) can load and use to replace its own button images. This can be great fun if you think my buttons suck, ;-) - Several Search Sets that you can immediately load instead of waiting through the same search again. This demonstrates how much time you can save with Search Sets, This archive does NOT contain a database, nor does it contain KingFisher itself (the software.) These are extras that are not needed by everyone, but may be useful or fun to explore. The complete set of KingFisher archives on Aminet are listed below: COMPONENT FILES ON AMINET: KingFisher226.lha (297196) All you need to upgrade or install KingFisher. If you are building a new installation you probably want the database, too: KingFisher2db.lha (748224) A database of 1100+ Fish Disks (needed for initial install; when upgrading: remove all old 1000Fish#? files before installing) KingFisher2ex.lha (221558) Extras: example format and ARexx scripts; KingFisher Developer Kit! KINGFISHER 2 FEATURE OVERVIEW: - Client-Server technology provides multiple users (or multiple copies of KingFisher) access to multiple databases, but does not hinder single-user operations, - KingFisher's resizable GadTools interface honors the proportional system font (or any font of your choosing) and can be opened on the default public, and on custom screens, - Search operations can produce Search Sets which may be saved and reloaded, to provide instant access to any previously found record in the database, - Database-specific display, print, and export presentation formats can be defined to produce any desired database presentation, - Hotlinked Product-Info files can be viewed directly; updates to the file are immediately reflected by KingFisher; also view clipboard contents directly, - Powerful search expressions, including embedded support for AmigaDOS regular expressions, are maintained in a history list whose size is user-definable, and each of which can be recalled for re-use at any time, - Ability to reconstruct the index files and construct VersionLinks in release-order to browse related software versions, - Through RexxFisher (the ARexx interface to the server) the user- definable data presentation formats and the same powerful search expressions used by KingFisher are available to any program with an ARexx interface! Registration for this software is $20(US) or DM30. Future upgrades are free (by way of Aminet or ftp.) The developer kit is now available free of charge to registered and unregistered users alike. WWW Support Page: |._.|_ Udo Schuermann "The future's not what it used to be!" |(:)| ) -- Narn Ambassador G'Kar |_:_|/ Babylon 5, "The Long Dark"
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