short : Update to easy club roster database author : Jeffery C May ( uploader : Jeffery C May (jeffm zeus surf tach net) type : biz/dbase architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 79.52K Date : 27-Jul-95 Download : 💾
Latest version of the IntuiDex club membership roster database program: 2.2 JUL-95 IntuiDex 2.2 was compiled with SAS C version 6.0 IntuiDex now includes a fully-functional ARexx port! Also fixed bug in the delimited ASCII import and export features that was introduced in the last release. Fixed a bug that has been present since version 2.0, where one of the functions locks the Workbench screen, but fails to unlock it. This caused the Amiga to refuse to allow the change of screen mode after running IntuiDex. Hyphens ("-") are now changed automatically into slashes ("/") in entered dates. This ensures that all dates are consistant, and precludes the problems associated with possible mixing of date seperators. The "Disk" field is now one of 32 flags that are associated with each entry. The other 31 flags WILL be (but are not yet) user assignable. That's right! IntuiDex no longer requires the use of the IXEmul.library, and includes an ARexx port! See the included documentation for more details!
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