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Version 2.5.2 ******** THIS ARCHIVE WILL UPDATE FOOTBALL 2.5.1 ******** Football is a central point where the football fan can create their own leagues and cups, using many different options. Matches can be scheduled and after inserting the resulting score, the data created can be manipulated by the programs supplied to produce different displays or you can write your own in AREXX. Datafiles are included for the following leagues (upto 17 Jan 00) : English FA Premiership French First Division German Bundesliga 1 Dutch First Division Spanish First Division Italian Serie A Scottish Premiership European Champions League German Regionalliga Nordost Danish Super Liga World Cup 1998 (Leagues and Cup) New Features ------------ - RequestFile by Torsten Poulin included with permission for use in scripts. - ReqCh by Joerg Riemer included with permission for use in scripts. - New scripts : HTML_Played, Attendances, Bookings and TopScorers. - Updated Referees and League Information scripts. - Bug fixes to main program including listviews who would invent their own size when running under Workbench 2. - Updated HTMLTemplates script to handle weekly schedules. - Updated German locale. - Tested under Workbench 3.5. Football is supplied to the public domain but the copyright is retained by the author, Mark Naughton (1999). User scripts are copyright their respective authors. See for future updates, bug fixes, new scripts and datafiles. ANOVEL Software © 2000.
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