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Patches for Football 2.6 -------------------------- After a request from Kevin Lambert, this archive contains two patches that affect the way goalscorers are checked against the number of goals scored in the League Option. FootPatch1 - allows you to enter less goalscorers than the number of goals. It will report an error if the number of goalscorers exceed the goals scored. FootPatch2 - removes all checks for goalscorers against goals scored. Any problems then email me as above. Enjoy! Mark. Installation ------------ You can only use one of these patches. If you wish to change from Patch1 to Patch2, then you will have to copy Football.orig to your program directory as Football and then apply Patch2. 1. Unarchive this into your Football directory. 2. Enter : spatch -oFootball -pFootPatch1.pch Football or spatch -oFootball -pFootPatch2.pch Football Files In Archive ---------------- FootballPatch.readme - this file Football.orig - the original program file (without patches) FootPatch1.pch - patch file FootPatch2.pch - patch file spatch - SAS/C's patch command ********************************************************************************
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