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Version 2.6 Football is a central point where the football fan can create their own leagues and cups, using many different options. Matches can be scheduled and after inserting the resulting score, the data created can be manipulated by the programs supplied to produce different displays or you can write your own in AREXX. See for future updates and new scripts. Please also consider registering online and receive a personalised season ticket! New Features ------------ - Consolidation of Locale data. - New Script : Appearances - displays data on caps, injuries and substitutions. - New Script : CurrentForm - display current form data from a specified match for a specified number of matches. - New version of RequestChoice by Joerg Riemer. - Bug fixes in RequestString. - First round in a three-round Cup is now Quarter Finals. - New option : Team Information - store information about teams and display during entry of scores. - (Enter Scores) Font-adapted box around Match Stats which is now cleared when a match is entered - (Setup Cup) Bug fixed where it would pull in a line from the listview and cause Import Cup to crash. - New option : Recreate Schedule - recreates schedule and updates with current scores. - Tidied HTML documentation - (Player Information) Added player positions for match and new actions for golden goal, rank, injured, penalty miss, sub in, sub out, extra time penalty and miss. Fixed bug where cloning a player and then changing it, would change the other player! - New option : Players & Referees - create a database of players and referees which can be added while entering the match stats. - Fixed bug in Cups where Manual Schedule would fail to get a file lock which then caused the cup to become corrupted. - Fixed bug in Cup Notes where the textfile was incorrectly written. - Added more options to Cup More Options. - Scripts updated to handle new player actions. - Fixed bugs in HTML scripts for Weeks : - Pts and GD were in the wrong positions in the template. - Now handles cancelling of RequestFile and RequestString. - Incorrect number of teams were read from the file. - The HTML file would give the data for all matches instead of that required for the selected week. Football is supplied to the public domain but the copyright is retained by the author, Mark Naughton (2001). User scripts are copyright their respective authors.
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