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This is a Polish version of Fiasco documentation in AmigaGuide format. Fiasco Release 2.22 =================== This is a minor update of Fiasco - a universal database program. Changes since Fiasco 2.21: - Reorganize is faster - Reorganize or saving after editing the mask would damage the fdat file if the contents of a Var String or Listview field have been changed before. - Changing the order of the labels of a cycle field was not correctly supported. - The list window did not display more than 65000 entries. - Using the ARexx port immediately after starting Fiasco could not work. - Deleting an entry in grouped listviews did not affect all group members. - When creating relations failed, enforcer hits could occur. - Scaled pictures in datatypes field did not work correctly with picture.datatype from OS 3.5. Changes since Fiasco 2.2: - For float fields, you may select whether you want to specify the number of all digits or the number of digits after the decimal point as precision. - The Unique Key attribute of integer fields now searches much faster for an unique key. - Fiasco formulas did not always work correctly for sequential blocks. For example, (1 + 2) * (3 + 4) did not work. - While saving, formulas of new fields were not always calculated correctly. - While creating records relations were not checked. - Creating integer fields with the unique key attributes while the database contained already records would cause Fiasco to crash. - Hidden grouped listview fields could cause Enforcer hits. - The convert function did not work with localized float fields. - Formulas with listviews did not work reliable. - ARexx command Find did not work correctly without Record argument. - SaveAs did not open file requester when called without arguments. - SetField CreateListEntries now uses - Old-style ARexx command F_SetFieldCont was broken in 2.2. More information about Fiasco can be obtained from the Fiasco support site: Release 2.22 Archives: --------------------- Due to the size of the distribution, the Fiasco distribution has been divided into several parts: Fiasco_main.lha Contains the main program, libraries, locale catalogs and example databases. Fiasco_eng_doc.lha Contains the english documentation in AmigaGuide and TeX-DVI format. Fiasco_deu_doc.lha Contains the german documentation in AmigaGuide and TeX-DVI format. Fiasco_pol_doc.lha Contains the polish documentation in AmigaGuide format.
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