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This Version ------------ Some minor fixes and fixed the "Save table as HTML" option. Previous Versions ----------------- Increased size of the added results box. Some other minor changes and fixes. Team names no longer become capitalized when up or down. League champions - bold magenta(ish) Promoted teams - bold blue Play-off teams - bold dark blue Relegated teams - bold red Fixed some bugs in the table re-ordering when switching table views. Altered "Expected Points" to use current form as a guide for a teams possible point total. The points from "Total" and "Expected" are now displayed, and sorted, in the "PTS" column. Added "League Showing Current Form" to the "Tables" menu. Added "League Averages" to the "Tables" menu. Menus now work if you have "MagicMenu" installed. Added a random team Play Game option (the "R" button, next to "Predict"). Play Game sound samples can now be turned off - or deleted. Future Versions --------------- ? Is there anything you would like added. How To Use ---------- When run for the first time, a screenmode requester will open, you can select any 640x480, or higher, screenmode. To change the screenmode, hold down the left shift button when starting. The layout is fairly easy to understand, the only thing you really need to know is how to change a team name or won, drawn, lost etc. All you have to do is double-click on a team name in the main league display window (only when displaying the main league, not current form etc) and all the info will appear in the team details window, change any wrong info and click on the "Save Settings" button. FLeagues.List ------------- This is a list of the league tables (max 50), in the order to be loaded. To create a new league, just add its name to this list, start "FLeagues", and then change the settings and save it. FLeagues.Teams -------------- List of teams for the "Play Game" option, starting with the team name with a # before it, then followed on a new line by the goal keeper, and then the rest of the team (doesn't matter what order they are in). There must be 11 players entered for each team. Contact Me ---------- You shouldn't need any other help, but if you become stuck or confused about anything connected with FLeagues (except why I released it), contact me at the above e-mail address.
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