short : Easy-to-use DataBase manager for Rom 2.04+ author : (Laboureur Frederic) uploader : alphasnd sdv fr (Laboureur Frederic) type : biz/dbase version : 2.40 architecture : m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4 replace : F-BaseV2_31.lha Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 143.02K Date : 24-Nov-98 Download : 💾
If you want a good Easy-To-Use Database Manager with colorful interface, let give a try to F-Base... French, English and swenska versions available. Features : * System friendly. User configurational. * Up to 255 data fields. Up to 9999 records. * ECS/OCS and AGA support. Selectable screen modes. * Handsome interface (designed for 8 colors). * All functions on a single screen. No pull-down menus. * Interface 4x faster than standard intuition. 10x faster than MUI. * Fully multitasking. System compliant. * Supports icon tooltype and CLI arguments. * Optimized sort routines. * Optimized display and search routines. * Cut, copy, paste between the records. * Database Views: Table or Record mode. * Can associate a picture and sound to each record. The very first MULTIMEDIA database?? * User configurational record associations for utilities and tools. * Selectable print (bold, italics and underlined) for record fields and data. * Asynchronous multitasking. * Fully configurable: fonts, screen mode, options, palette and language. * French and English versions available. Languages 100% localized. News in this Version 2.40: * Possibility to give a default path for F-Base files * NewLook ! Graphical Interface Look changed, for much more better visual impact. * The Amiga clipboard is used when 'copy' a record, so you can paste it where you want (Word processor, editor...) * 'Search in all fields' option added. * New save format to fix a big bug. * New method to save database (100% safe, even in extrem cases like powercut while saving and more...) * F-Base screen is 100% system compliant now (can be hidden or dragged at each moment, like a true screen bar) * Some major bug fixes. * F-Base Preference program has been fully recoded. * I've changed e-mail and snail mail. HAVE FUN with F-Base !! Fred ! -=>> AlphaSOUND <<=-
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