short : Program for managing your floppy disks. V1.21 author : Michael Köpke und Rolf Herrmann. version : 1.21 requires : Requires OS2.04+, req.library, 2 diskdrives (harddisk recommended), 1Mb RAM architecture : m68k-amigaos source : Fish collection date : 1994.04.04 Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 120.98K Date : 15-Aug-94 Download : 💾
A program for managing your disk-collection. You can easily read in all disk-contents, comment and store them in a DiskArchiv-database. With different search mechanisms you are able to look for complete disk contents or single file information. Many ways to print out information, disk labels too. Special function for printing out label-sheets on HP-DeskJet-printers and compatibles. Documentation in English and German. Michael Köpke und Rolf Herrmann. Rolf Herrmann Theresenstr. 16 D-65779 Kelkheim/Ts. Germany Michael Köpke Berliner-Ring 5 D-65779 Kelkheim/Ts. Germany
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