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Haas' Guide to Small-Arms Ammunition ==================================== ©1995 Mike Haas, All Rights Reserved This is a small-arms ammunition database with GUI-based front end. The program is freely distributable, but all rights are reserved. Permission is granted to include this package in Freeware and Shareware distributions. The producers of these distributions may ask a fee for media and a small charge for their service. Distribution for profit under any other arrangement requires the written permission of the author. The goal of this program is to be a technically-accurate reference engine that is easy, interesting and fun to use. The program programatically calculates the graphic images for any small-arms caliber cartridge in it's (extensible) database and displays it in characteristic brass coloring in high-resolution graphics. Most cartridge dimensions are from official SAAMI drawings, ballistics information is from commercial manufacturers sources, etc. Mike Haas 3867 La Colina Rd. El Sobrante, CA 94803
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