short : Example for mSQL++/ADAC author : (Jürgen Schober) uploader : jschober pointdesign com (Jürgen Schober) type : biz/dbase version : 0.0 requires : mSQL.library (V5+), mSQL Amiga Server (v2.0.9), MUI (3.8), NListView_MCC architecture : m68k-amigaos date : 99/06/02 replace : ADACSearch.lha Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 110.31K Date : 31-Jul-99 Download : 💾
ADACSearch is an example for the StormC++ compiler how you can use mSQL/A.D.A.C. for database projects on the Amiga. It opens any database on any available mSQL server and let you search with a SELECT query for any field. The GUI is based on MUI, and the NListView is required. It was primary made as a testprogram to test A.D.A.C. objects in a real world application. It is neither bug free nor complete. It is mainly intended to programmers who want to know how mSQL++ and further A.D.A.C. will look like. I also welcome any suggestions that can be build into A.D.A.C. ADACSearch can easily be modified and integrated into own applications, it is just one C++ Object (the complete MUI Object!). Disclaimer: ----------- The code and source herein is provided "AS IS". I can not be made responsible for any data loss or other system failure. mSQL++ is (C)1999 Jürgen Schober, Point Design Software A.D.A.C. is (C)1999 Jürgen Schober, Point Design Software Do not spread A.D.A.C. in parts or as a complete archive. A.D.A.C. will be available by Point Design ASAP. mailto: jschober@pointdesign,com for any suggestions. see We will have 'inhouse' pages open again ASAP
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